🌾Why Gonana

Our vision is to help commodity traders connect with individuals and merchants seamlessly to bring real value to traders worldwide. This is made possible by utilizing and leveraging blockchain technology.

Our mission is to provide a reliable platform for commodity traders to present their products regardless of geographical location. Gonana further enables these traders the option to use cryptocurrencies to process payment and use other DEFI solutions that will further be integrated.

With Gonana, unlike other online marketplaces, there is no central server involved or authority that determines what happens on the marketplace. It’s a peer-to-peer system that is; commodity traders are connected to their potential customers directly without an intermediary. Gonana doesn’t operate under the approval of any law; except the normal fintech regulations and it's the evolution of an unrestricted global marketplace for commodity traders regardless of their global location.

Gonana exists to allow commodity traders to determine how the market behaves and to also determine market conditions as much as it depends on them. Middlemen interference has affected a lot of these traders and this has also taken away a lot of their profit they would have kept for themselves. Look at Gonana as the marketplace that gives power back to commodity traders.

Gonana has also noted the fact that these middlemen help to sort out logistics and other supply chain services and this has contributed to the success of their businesses. Gonana has identified some of the most reliable supply chain companies and partnered with them in order to run a very successful marketplace serving both the traders and the customers in a seamless manner.

Blockchain and crypto adoption has grown rapidly and merchants/traders are beginning to accept or process payment for goods/services in cryptocurrency. Gonana has integrated a crypto payment option to help serve these users. To help us effectively serve both crypto and non crypto enthusiasts, we have integrated an onramp/offramp feature where our users can process and make payment both in fiat and crypto as the need arises.

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